Teutonic ride tour

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Amazing highlights:

Parliament Palace-Second largest building in the world after the Pentagon

Famous Cheia Pass, 115 km of amazing roads inside the heart of the mountains Europe’s biggest salt mine, Slanic Prahova Salt mine

Curtea de Arges, one of the oldest towns in Wallachia and former capital of a local state

The famous and world renowned Transfagarasan Pass, the most beautiful road in the world, as per Top Gear

Old city of Sibiu, the city that has been designated as ‘˜European Capital of Culture’ for the year 2007

ENDURO guided ride for the ones that opt for it

Sighisoara city, a historical town located inside on of the oldest citadels in Romania

Dracula Danes Domain, an exceptional relaxation place to recharge your batteries

The Haller Castle pension and wine cellar

Dracula’s Castle, or the Bran Castle, made legendary by Bram Stoker’s famous novel

The neo-renaissance Peles Castle, holiday residence of the last kings of Romania

Parliament Palace

Day 1 - Arrival to Bucharest - Welcome to Romania’s capital!

Following your hotel check-in, we will take you to visit the Parliament Palace, the world’s second largest building, (Pentagon being the first), after which you can take a stroll through the old center of Bucharest, where you can experience first-hand the essence and spirit of the city and its people.

Slanic Prahova salt mine

Day 2 - Slanic Prahova salt mine

Tour length: 250 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

Your first trip outside the capital will take you to the famous Cheia Pass, an amazing motorcycle ride through the Carpathian Mountains, with serpentines and scenic views of the above mentioned pass. These mountains also contain one of the biggest salt mine in Europe, the Slanic Prahova salt mine, and thus we included it for you on the itinerary. Situated between the valley of Prahova and that of Teleajen, at about 44 km from Ploiesti, Slanic Prahova stands today for one of the most important watering and climatic resorts in Romania. You will get the chance to walk through the salt mine and to experience, even if for a short while, the amazing benefits of the saline air micro-climate. To wrap up this amazing day, we will ride to the city of Brasov, where we will lodge for the night.


Day 3 - Curtea de Arges

Tour length: 300 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

Your ride today will be taking you to a very famous town, one of the oldest in Wallachia, namely Curtea de Arges, which was the capital of a small local state. The oldest archeological evidence dates back to the 13’th century. The city is the site of some beautiful medieval churches and monasteries, among them the Curtea de Arges Cathedral which is on our itinerary. Upon completing our visit here, we’ll ride once more through the Transfagarasan, all the way to Sibiu city.


Day 4 - Sibiu Old City

Tour length: Difficulty grading:

This is your day to relax in Sibiu! Formerly the center of the Transylvanian Saxons, Sibiu was ranked the 8’th most idyllic places to live in Europe. Take a nice stroll through the town, visit the cultural center of it and bask in the unique flavour of this place! Should you prefer to forego the relaxation, we can also provide you with a professional guided enduro ride, where you can discover a magnificent part of wild Transylvania, a mythical territory haunted by the spirit of count Dracula! For the enduro ride clients: The enduro trips will take place outside of Sibiu, a place renowned for the world’s toughest and hard enduro rally. All these tours are driven by professional tour-guides and meet all the demands and expectations of all enduro riders, be that a beginner or a well trained one. To top the challenging enduro ride, we will take you for the night to a place where you can unwind under the stars barbecue or cook a goulash while listening to some good music, or simply sit around the fire pit, drinking beer and discussing interesting topics such as, women and enduro bikes. The barbecue is optional for those who don’t want to participate in the enduro guided ride.


Day 5 - Translapina Pass

Tour length: 295 kmDifficulty grading: moderate to high

Today we will get your head in the clouds, literally! Your journey will take you on the Translapina Pass, at 2100 meters altitude, the highest hanging road in Romania. Nothing but serpentines, heart stopping scenery and riding right above the clouds! Prepare for an amazing ride and a truly unique experience!


Day 6 - Town of Sighisoara

Tour length: 160 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

Among the attractions prepared for you today, we will start with one of the oldest towns of Transylvania, the citadel town of Sighisoara, filled with history, little secret passages, clock towers and cobble stoned streets. Visitors can breath history at every corner of the city. Sighisoare Citadel is a 12’th century Saxon edifice which makes the historic centre of the city. The birthplace of Vlad Tepes, Dracula’s house, as it is known, draws an amazing number of tourists yearly, as does the Weapon Museum, containing an interesting range of medieval weapons and torture artifacts, as well as the Clock Tower. Next on your itinerary is a superb lunch time reserved for you at the Dracula Danes Domain, where you can allow the remarkable Transylvania landscapes to enchant you, while savoring international and local culinary specialties. Last but not least, to wrap up a beautiful day, we invite you to spend the rest of the day at the Haller Castle pension, and partake in some exquisite wine tasting at the castle’s famous wine cellar, before retiring for the night.


Day 7 - Dracula’s Castle

Tour length: 380 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

History, legends, myths and folktales await you on this day of your trip, as you will be on your way to see the famous Bran Castle. Known far and wide by many as Dracula’s Castle, this lovely 13’th century fortification is a national monument and landmark in Romania. Another touristic treasure of Romania is the Peles Castle in Sinaia, also included on your itinerary today. Visiting this neo-renaissance architectural jewel, is a special opportunity to delight your visual senses with the wild and picturesque landscape, as well as the unique beauty of the castle’s interior.

Total tour length: 1385 km

This day is concluding your trip. Hoping that you enjoyed your stay with us, we will bid you good-bye, but perhaps only for a short period of time until you will return again or perhaps tell a friend about us.

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  • Detailed route sheets and all maps for the region being toured
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  • Back-up VAN for passangers and luggages

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  • Fuel for your motorcycle
  • Entrance to museums
  • Gratuities and tips
  • Beverages and meals other than those specified
  • Air tickets.

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