Frequently Asked Question

Romania was listed in CNN top 20 tourist destinations for 2016 (
Yes, in Romania internet is available almost in all the hotels, parks and streets.
All the hotels are carefully selected. Accommodations will be made in 4**** hotels and pensions.
You need to have a valid driving license and alcohol drinking is completely forbidden.
It depends on the difficulty of the road and on the tourist attractions scheduled. The number of kilometers will vary between 150 and 350.
The prices for food and drinks are very cheap in Romania.
In the case of any breakdown, we have road assistance coverage, and you have our full support so that your trip is not interrupted.
The contract includes a penalty clause of 20 € per hour for delaying the return of the bike. We are flexible applying this clause with prior authorization.
No, under no circumstances are you allowed to circulate with the bike through the countryside, racing circuits, or any other private areas.
Our current insurance policy is fully comprehensive only within the national territory of Romania, and only covers liability to third parties in the rest of the European Union countries. If you want to leave Romania territory contact us about international insurance options. Under no circumstances can our motorcycles enter African territory as there is no insurance provided.
Yes, as long as you are all included in the contracts of others as additional drivers. In this case the only responsible for any damages is the one who signed the contract.
Yes, if this person has been included in the rental agreement as an additional driver.
No, since you must sign the contract
Yes, as long as that person meets the requirements and has been included in the rental agreement as an additional driver. In any case, you will be responsible for any damages.
When you pick up the bike, we will do together an inspection of any present scratches. When you return the bike we will conduct another inspection together. Any new damage that has appeared during your rental will be considered your responsibility. However, if the damage is caused by a third party, you must complete with the third party a friendly accident report, and your deposit will be withheld until we have confirmation from the insurance company that the other driver accepts the responsibility for the accident.
Yes, we will ask you for a deposit of € 1,000 which is the amount of the insurance excess. When you return the bike undamaged, the deposit will be refunded. If the bike is damaged, we will retain the part of the deposit we estimate necessary to cover the repair. When this is finished, we will submit you the invoice and we will transfer you the remaining part of the deposit, if there is any.
The bike comes with a full tank and must be returned the same.
It’s not necessary. We can provide you with one without any fee for the duration of the tour, if you do not have one.
Yes, for your convenience you can leave your luggage at our office.
In Bucharest the bikes must be collected at and returned to our offices. Only when the bike is delivered to another city, you can choose the place of the pickup.
Currently the only office we have is in Bucharest, but it is possible to arrange delivery or collection in any other city of Romania. Ask us about the cost of this service.
If the weather forecast shows a chance of rain over 50% (Source we allow you to reschedule the reserve with only 3 days in advance.
But you can reschedule it to a different date if we are notified at least 7 days prior to the original pick up date. The reserve is non-refundable. Yes, if you reschedule the original booking for a future date with at least seven days notification days prior to the original pick up date. The deposit is non-refundable.
Once you confirm the booking, an amount will be charged online from your credit card, by using the online payment system offered by Mobilpay Romania. This amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation with less than 30 days before the tour/rental start.
Rental amount will be charged in cash or by credit card when you pick up the motorcycle. The deposit (cash or credit card) will be held and it is fully refundable upon the undamaged and on-time return of bike. Please note that we only accept Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard. Please verify with your bank before the arrival that your card is valid for payments in the European Union (Romania).
There are no special riding conditions for riding in Romania. All you need is a valid driving license. Also, please note that alcohol consumption is completely forbidden while riding.
Romania: National ID card and an A class motorcycle driver’s license.
European Union Citizens: Passport and A class motorcycle driver’s license.
Rest of World: Passport and a valid motorcycle driver’s license.
Be at least 21 years old, and have a valid motorcycle driver’s license without any limitation with 3 years of experience.