Balkans and Danube Delta Tour

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Amazing highlights:

Parliament Palace-Second largest building in the world after the Pentagon

The famous and world renowned Transfagarasan Pass, the most beautiful road in the world, as per Top Gear

The breathtaking Transalpina Pass – a unique riding experience!

Constantin Brancusi’s famous sculptures in Tirgu Jiu

Nis, one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe

Sofia, the beautiful capital city of Bulgaria

Sun-filled and relaxing Bulgarian Black Sea coastal town of Burgas and Varna

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Danube Delta

Parliament Palace

Day 1 - Arrival to Bucharest - Welcome to Romania’s capital!

Following your hotel check-in, we will take you to visit the Parliament Palace, the world’s second largest building, (Pentagon being the first), after which you can take a stroll through the old center of Bucharest, where you can experience first-hand the essence and spirit of the city and its people.

Carpathian Mountains - here we come!

Day 2 - Carpathian Mountains - here we come!

Tour length: 300 kmDifficulty grading: moderate to high

We will begin with a most breathtaking route, from Bucharest through Sinaia, and on to the beautiful and world renowned Bran Castle, dubbed Dracula’s Castle. This dramatic 14’th century citadel is a national monument, as well as an outstanding landmark in Romania. After visiting this touristic attraction, the ride will follow through Brasov, all the way to 1585m altitude in the Fagaras Mountains, using the Transfagarasan Pass, combining the wild and picturesque landscapes with an impressive display of architectural splendors found in these magical parts of the country. Another attraction on your route is the Vidraru Lake situated along the Transfagarasan, where the Arges River enters the gorges. Surrounded by thick forests and y the majestic crests of the Fagaras Mountains, this calm mirror invites you to relax in this fascinating place, highly appreciated by those who love natural scenery. Our journey will break for the night at the Capra resort, situated only 9 km distance from the glacial Balea Lake.


Day 3 - Today we will get your head in the clouds, literally!

Tour length: 296 kmDifficulty grading: moderate to high

Your journey will take you through the Translapina Pass, at 2100 meters altitude, the highest hanging road in Romania, nothing but serpentines, heart stopping scenery and riding right above the clouds. We will also merge riding and art for you. Sounds like a paradox? Hardly...We will take you all the way to Tirgu-Jiu, a city that lies at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, on the banks of the river Jiu, where the sculptures of one of the most famous and worldwide known artist are on permanent exhibit. If you never heard of Constantin Brancusi, today is the day to meet face to face with a few pieces of his art work, as the city of Tirgu-Jiu hosts and preserves some of his legacy.


Day 4 - Our journey will take us across the border today into Serbia

Tour length: 471 km Difficulty grading: moderate

Through a most scenic and dramatic region of this part of the world called the Danube Cazane. This is where the Danube contracts between the tall stone walls and the strong currents. Everything gives you the impression that the water is boiling. The 9 km defile is a true spectacle of nature and from one end to the other you can see nothing but heavenly scenery. The city of Nis is next on our itinerary, one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe on the itinerary. It has been considered from ancient times a gateway between the East and the West, and it is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian emperor and founder of Constantinople. Another interesting touristic attraction in this city is the Skull Tower, built by the Turks from the skulls of the Serbs killed in the battle of Cegar, near Nis, in May 1809. The Nis Fortress located on the banks of the Nisava river, was built over the remains of a roman military camp, between the years 1719-1723.


Day 5 - If you need a lovely break from the mainland and the long rides between the cities, today we will take you to the perfect place

Tour length: 424 kmDifficulty grading: moderate to high

right to the seaside resort of Burgas, on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast, via Plovdiv and Kazanluk. At its heart, Saint Cyril and Methodius Cathedral Church is known for striking stained-glass windows over its main entrance. The Ethnographic Museum located nearby, explores Bulgarian folk culture, with colorful costumes and every-day items. Along Burgas Bay is Seaside Park, with broad promenades, performances and its Summer Theatre and a viewing platform at the end of its piers.


Day 6 - 7 - This day will be spent riding along the coast of the Black Sea

Tour length: 398 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

starting on its Bulgarian side from Burgas to Varna, right back into Romania along Vama Veche and Tulcea. As a special point of delight and pleasure, we reserved a UNESCO World Heritage site to be visited this and next day, the Danube Delta, the largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas. A protected site in Dobrogea-Romania, it hosts over 300 species, as well as 45 species of freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes. Here also lies some of Europe’s very few remaining grazed mosaic forest landscapes kept in their natural state by the wild horses and wild cattle still present. With a very rich history from ancient times to present day, the delta and its surroundings also offer a multitude of historical remains from Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to explore this oasis of nature in its purest form of being. Take full advantage of the silence, listen to the wind and waves of the green river, immortalize with pictures this vast land with nobody between you and Mother Nature, navigate deep into the canals to feel the sunsets and hear the weeping willows. There will be memories made here that will make you want to come back for more.


Day 7 - Today we will ride back to Bucharest

Tour length: 270 kmDifficulty grading: moderate

Today we will ride back to Bucharest and have the rest of the day spent in a relaxing manner, so that you can prepare for your departure the next day.

Total tour length: 2159 km

This day is concluding your trip. Hoping that you enjoyed your stay with us, we will bid you good-bye, but perhaps only for a short period of time until you will return again or perhaps tell a friend about us.

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